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Water is cheaper than gas!208 views
The Mattox House107 viewsOwned by an African-American family for several generations, Mr. Mattox worked at numerous jobs to provide this small farm for his wife and 5 kids.
The shed where Henry Ford built his first car.107 views
1913 Herschell-Spillman Carousel96 viewsStill working. Plays old fashioned melodies and everyone sings when it plays "Take Me Out To The Ballpark".
Omnibus91 viewsBefore engines buses used horses. A padded bench runs along both walls making for plenty of room for passengers. The driver has a rope tied to the rear door so he can pull it shut from his seat and secure it.
Paddle wheeler91 views
Sir John Bennet Shop88 viewsGog and Magog toll the bells each quarter hour. This building was purchased in London and brought to the village.
Bus ride87 views50 cents gets a ride on this old style bus.
Inside The Mattox House71 viewsCardboard ceilings and newspaper walls kept the cold out. Standing in the corner would be much more interesting punishment as a kid with newspaper covered walls.
McGuffey cabin71 viewsThe guy who brought us McGuffey Eclectic Readers which generations learned to read from was born in this tiny one room cabin. There was barely room to cook since the bed fills most of it. This is typical of most cabins on the frontier and does have a loft above where the children would sleep.
Henry Ford's first car69 viewsHenry left home at 16 and worked for Edison for 8 years. Evenings he studied and built his first car, the Quadricycle. Unfortunately, when he was done, he could not get it out of the building. He had to have a brick mason open the doorway up and then put it back once it was out. Oops!
68 viewsFord's idea was build a car that would last a lifetime and be affordable. Rather than making money on the car, he wanted to make money on the parts and repairs. Hmm. Sounds like the inkjet printer business today which wants to make money on the ink rather than the printer.
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