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Tenting at KittyHawk when the Wright Bros. first got there.95 views
National Wright Brothers Monument at Kittyhawk70 views
Replicas of the hangar (left) and living quarters (right)67 viewsThe quarters had a wood stove in it for heat and cooking, table, chairs, bunks hanging from the rafters.
Wind test chamber66 viewsNo one would make the engine for the Wright Bros. first plane due to the expense and folly. They had to learn everything they could themselves about engines, propellers, aerodynamics, etc. so they could build it themselves. The only documentation they had seemed to be in error after a few test flights so they had to do all new testing with whatever test machines they could build.
Part of the original engine which was broken during test flights66 views
My trailer looking good in the OBX66 views
Camp Hatteras on Cape Hatteras in Waves, NC65 viewsThe Atlantic Ocean is just beyond the dunes at the back. This camprgound spans fully across the island and offers both ocean camping on one side and calmer sound camping on the other side. It has both an inside and outside pool, hot tub, game room, TV lounge, camp store, laundry, full hookups, cableTV, wifi. It can be quite expensive but is a Coast to Coast member campground for cheaper camping.
Marking the start spot64 views
The first flight64 views
Entrance to the interactive museum at Festival Park63 views
Wilbur and Orville Wright62 viewsThey actually did build and sell airplanes later.
The longest flight marker61 viewsIt may not seem like that far but it was far enough to prove man could fly and that it was worth investing in.
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